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Harris’ Hawk is not a loner

Dusky Hawk

Unlike most hawks, Harris’ Hawks are not loners. They hunt in groups of up to six, and take turns taking the lead. They eat squirrels, rabbits, birds, lizards, gophers and hares. They are also called wolf hawks, dusky hawks, and peucos.

Sometimes weighing over 4.4 lbs (2 kg), with a wingspan of about 3 ft (1 m), in groups Harris’ Hawk can take down much larger prey like wild turkeys, great blue heron; and in particular, jack rabbits. Large rabbits can weigh up to three times more than one adult hawk, and can kill a Harris’ Hawk with one kick.

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Harris’ Hawks can also be trained to be working birds. They are used to keep airports free from flocks of birds, remove pigeons from cities, and keep resorts and industrial sites free from bird droppings. The native habitat of the Harris’ Hawk is found in the US Southwest down to South America.

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