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Man of War fish has courage

Man of War jellyfish

Fun Facts for Kids

Many Man of War fish spend their lives drifting along with the tide along with the Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. The fish, which has extra vertebrae allowing it to swim acrobatically among the dangerous tentacles of the Jellyfish, has a bit of immunity to its sting.

However, if it makes one wrong move, it does not end well!

Many human tourists who find Man O’ War jellyfish washed up on the beach have been stung—even if it has laid on the beach for days. It hurts a lot, and in rare cases, can be fatal.

Portuguese Man of War jellyfish—are made up of four smaller types of jellyfish specializing in floatation, digestion, prey capture and reproduction—and do not swim. They are pushed along by the tide and wind. Large strandings of these jellyfish have resulted in beach closures.

Man of war fish

Learn more about the Man of War fish

Learn more about the Man of War jellyfish


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