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  • Aster Wrap Flower Necklace

    The scintillating Lady in Blue Aster wrap bracelet features electric purple Czech fire glass, amethyst, and reconstituted lapis luzuli. Purple distressed leather is used to simulate the deep color of the centers of many aster flowers.  This is a triple wrap bracelet.


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  • Easter lily Necklace

    Easter Lily-Pink Elegant Lady Necklace – Women’s Size – 18 inches (45.75 cm)

    The pastel shades of the elegant lady pink easter lily necklace duplicates the lovely colors of spring. Gentle pink shades are highlighted by rhodochrosite and cordierite. Look to this necklace as another option for easter that is more distinctive than traditional pure white. It is 18 inches (45.75 cm).


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    ©Susanne’s Nature Jewelry is a division of ©Susanne’s Animal Jewelry



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  • Daisy bracelet

    Shasta Daisy bracelet

    The carefree Shasta Daisy bracelet is highlighted by glowing Swarovski green pearls, and lustrous olive green glass compliment white freshwater pearls, as well as yellow agates and turquoise. The Shasta Daisy bracelet  transitions easily fromday and evening wear.


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  • Apple blossom double wrap bracelet

    Apple Blossom Bracelet

    For those who dream about spring, there is the Apple Blossom Bracelet. Apple and cherry trees are among the first to explode with color in the spring.  The delicate pinks in this double wrap bracelet are from Czech glass, quartzite, zebra stone, and apricot pink aventurine. The double wrap is 15 ¼ inches (40 cm), and is sized for a small wrist, 6 ¾ inch (17 cm).



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  • Hot cocoa rose bracelet

    Hot Chocolate Rose flower Bracelet

    The steamy, red Hot Chocolate Rose bracelet looks sweet, but not too sugary. It features red leather, quartzite, shell, and Preciosa opaque glass. The bracelet is adjustable, and styled to be 7 ½ or 8 ¼ inches long (19 or 21 cm).



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  • Wave bracelet

    Ocean Wave bracelet-Women’s & Teen -7 inches (18 cm)

    Pewter, turquoise glass. Shell, tear-drop-shaped glass, metal charm.

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  • Sunflower Necklace

    Flower in the Sun Necklace (Sunflower Necklace) – Teen’s Size-Green Jasper, Yellow Fire Agate. Sandalwood, Red Picasso Jasper. Green Swarovski beads.

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  • Hellebore

    Hellebore Flower Necklace

    The flashy, eye-catching Hellebore Necklace features spotted cherry blossom stone, as well as moonstone opal and marble. Czech glass adds pizazz to the double white-spotted Hellebore Necklace.


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  • Petunia bracelet

    Petunia Warp Bracelet – Merlin Flower

    This iridescent three wrap bracelet shines with blue Swarovski crystal pearls, hematite, and blue iris glass, as well as yellow cat’s eye glass, sunstone, and a Czech glass flower button. The Petunia Wrap Bracelet is a triple wrap that is 22 inches (55.75 cm), and is sized for a 7 inch (17.75 cm) wrist.


    ©Susanne’s Nature Jewelry is a division of ©Susanne’s Animal Jewelry

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  • Geranium Flower Necklace

    Geranium Flower Necklace

    For those dreaming of the tropics, the Havana Blues Geranium Necklace is made in warm summer colors. It shows Swarovski crystal pearl, agate, quartzite, and freshwater pearls to maximum advantage. It is 17 ¾ inches (45 cm).


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  • Blanket flower bracelet

    Blanket flower Bracelet

    The contrasting black braided leather, yellow crackle glass, and red jasper and Goldstar of the Great Blanket flower bracelet contrast well with the southwest style button closure. This bracelet can go from weekday to weekend casually.



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  • Blue Lotus

    Blue Lotus Bracelet

    The delicate, ethereal, Blue Lotus flower is thought to represent enlightenment, and is well known in Asia. Our silver charm bracelet is highlighted by shell, Hematite, Howlite, and pewter beads, as well as lustre glass. In Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was thought to symbolize the beginnings of life, and the illumination of day. The color blue itself represents tranquility and understated confidence. The Lotus flower bracelet is a women’s size medium at 7 inches (17.5 cm) long.



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  • Hibiscus necklace

    Rose of Sharon-Hibiscus Necklace

    Delicate flowered light mauve lampwork glass makes the Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus). Red quartzite simulates the red stripes in the flower. The necklace also contains jasper, crackle agate, and purple dolomite. It is in women’s size at 17.5 inches (44.5 cm) long.

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  • Rose Necklace

    Rose Flower Necklace

    Imperial jasper, red-painted quartz, shell, and magnesite make the Alfred Comb Rose Necklace glow. It is perfectly sized to rest on the breast bone just below the throat.

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  • Blue Felicia Daisy Bracelet

    The brilliant hues of the Blue Daisy bracelet are accented by amethyst, fire agates, pewter, and lustre glass.

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  • Forget-me-knot Flower bracelet

    The adorable forget-me-knot bracelet shows crackle and Czech Glass, as well as turquoise lustre shell beads.


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