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Animal-Themed Jewelry. Bracelet sizes for over 13 years. Eco-friendly Bracelets. Jewelry Inspired by Nature. Animal Jewelry. Beaded Animal Bracelets.

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  • Halloween bracelet

    Adjustable Halloween Spider Bracelet – Children’s size – 5.75 to 7.75 inches (14.5 to 20.5cm)

    The Darwin’s Bark Spider is small but mighty! Its silk is stronger than Kevlar, allowing it to spin webs 25 metre (80 ft) across rivers in Madagascar. This Halloween bracelet is all about a scary and tricky insect.


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  • Downy Woodpecker Bracelet

    Woodpecker Bracelet (Downy Woodpecker) – Men’s Size

    Zebra stone, Swarovski crystal, magnesite. Howlite, West African recycled glass. Special bird clasp.


    © Copyright Susanne’s Animal Jewelry 2019

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  • Wolverine bracelet

    Wolverine animal bracelet for Teens

    The ferocious wolverine bracelet is made with carved jade, agate, and tiger eye. Do not corner it! Growl!


    See blog about wolverines getting eaten (oops!)

    © Copyright Susanne’s Animal Jewelry 2021

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  • Squirrel bracelet

    Squirrel Bracelet (Fox Squirrel)– Children’s or Teens Size-6.5 inches (17.5 cm)Zebra stone, Tiger eye Amber. Black & White Mother of Pearl, Agate, crystal. Jasper, Amberwood, Metal charm.

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  • Baby Turtle Bracelet – Children & Teens Size – Snapping Turtle – 6.5 to 7.5 inches (16.5-19 cm)

    Malachite, aventurine. Wood, tiger eye, faceted agate, jasper. Metal turtle & hatchling charms.

    Read Sea turtle blog

    Jewelry for fashion and apparel purposes only.

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  • Giraffe Bracelet – Children’s Size – 6.5 inches (26.5 cm)

    Orange & Black Lamp work beads, Wood Jasper. Orange Agate, Flower stone. Natural wood, glass. Metal charm.

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  • Bison bracelet

    Wood Buffalo Bracelet for Teens & Women—7 inches (17.75 cm)

    Dark carved wood, rhodonite, tiger eye. Wood robles, sandalwood, ebony wood. Metal charm.


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  • Mother of Pearl, wood jasper. Freshwater pearl, wood robles, brecciated jasper. Howlite, metal charm.







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  • Bluebird bracelet

    Blue bird – Cerulean Warbler Bracelet in Women’s Size-Swarovski crystal pearl, sodalite, African recycled glass. Quartzite, glass, metal bird charm.

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  • Blue Lotus

    Blue Lotus Bracelet

    The delicate, ethereal, Blue Lotus flower is thought to represent enlightenment, and is well known in Asia. Our silver charm bracelet is highlighted by shell, Hematite, Howlite, and pewter beads, as well as lustre glass. In Ancient Egypt, the lotus flower was thought to symbolize the beginnings of life, and the illumination of day. The color blue itself represents tranquility and understated confidence. The Lotus flower bracelet is a women’s size medium at 7 inches (17.5 cm) long.



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  • Shell bracelet

    Men’s Shell Bracelet-Zebra stone, Agate. Amethyst, distressed wood, crackle agate. Metal beads and charm.

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  • Kids seahorse bracelet

    Blue & Yellow Seahorse bracelet-Children & Teen’s size-6.5 inches (26.5 cm)

    Pewter, turquoise glass. Shell, tear-drop-shaped glass, metal charm.

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  • Aster Wrap Flower Necklace

    The scintillating Lady in Blue Aster wrap bracelet features electric purple Czech fire glass, amethyst, and reconstituted lapis luzuli. Purple distressed leather is used to simulate the deep color of the centers of many aster flowers.  This is a triple wrap bracelet.


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  • Daisy bracelet

    Shasta Daisy bracelet

    The carefree Shasta Daisy bracelet is highlighted by glowing Swarovski green pearls, and lustrous olive green glass compliment white freshwater pearls, as well as yellow agates and turquoise. The Shasta Daisy bracelet  transitions easily fromday and evening wear.


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  • Petunia bracelet

    Petunia Warp Bracelet – Merlin Flower

    This iridescent three wrap bracelet shines with blue Swarovski crystal pearls, hematite, and blue iris glass, as well as yellow cat’s eye glass, sunstone, and a Czech glass flower button. The Petunia Wrap Bracelet is a triple wrap that is 22 inches (55.75 cm), and is sized for a 7 inch (17.75 cm) wrist.


    ©Susanne’s Nature Jewelry is a division of ©Susanne’s Animal Jewelry

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  • Horse jewelry set

    Horse Necklace (Pinto) in Men’s Size-19.5 inches (50 cm)

    Opalite, Zebra stone, Agate. Howlite, Leopard jasper. Recycled Indonesian glass, wood, rutilated agate. Metal charm.

    Adjustable Horse Bracelet (Pinto) in Adult Size-7 to 8 inches (18-20 cm)

    Zebra stone, Agate. Howlite, recycled Indonesian glass, wood, rutilated agate. Metal charm.

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