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Wolverines seem to be fearless animals because they are known to stand up to wolves, bears, moose, caribou, and other animals that are many times their size. Some big animals are actually chased from an area when a wolverine shows up. But, wolverines have also been known to be the loser in a fight. Hungry wolf packs have been seen hunting wolverines.

In spite of being known as being silent, stealthy, solitary and almost ghostly; it is easy to know when they show up. They are primarily scavengers, and can make a lot of noise when eating. Their nickname is the glutton because they can eat a lot at once! Scientists think it is a survival strategy that allows them to live longer in harsh conditions.

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Wolverines are members of the weasel family, and are the size of short, medium-sized dogs. Males can weigh up to 60 lbs (27.5 kg), and be 45 inches (115 cm) long.

They have a special tooth in the middle of their mouths that is turned inward that allows them to tear into a frozen meal, like when they find a large animal that may have died due to winter temperatures. Wolverines then bury extra meat in the snow—so they can come back to it later. They have very thick fur and live in low temperatures, as well as snowshoe-like feet so that they can survive in the subarctic with ease.

In the north of America, Europe and Asia, wolverines have large territories and are hard to find–making their numbers difficult to determine. However, it is thought that their numbers could be decreasing due to climate change, territory loss, and trapping by humans. They are not considered endangered.

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